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We started with the philosophy that anyone’s identity can be explored by the right choice of clothing. Being aware that only bespoke garments could fully embody this spectrum, we started to define a more modern interpretation of tailoring.

An interpretation that is fully orientated around the character and needs of each client, rather than a sheer focus on measurements and materials. This resulted in Slow Tailoring; a delicate blend of understated design, traditional craftsmanship and personal dedication.

Using design as means for individual expression

Slow tailoring fundamentally differs from traditional tailoring in several ways. Instead of solely focusing on how each garment is made, we always question why it is made. Each suit is defined by its own purpose. Consider it some kind of visual language designed around your personality, taste and lifestyle. We believe that this visual language can only be formed through a dedicated personal relationship. By knowing and understanding you personally we can focus on creating relevance and character rather than letting you choose from an overwhelming amount of fabrics and options. Since we only work bespoke, we never have to do concessions on fabrics, color or details. Through this way, we can design remarkable clothing that is truly expressive for your identity.

Crafting the contemporary by celebrating the heritage

With our desire for heritage and craftsmanship to co-exist with our contemporary approach to menswear we partnered with the most renowned ateliers in England and beyond. Crafting every suit fully by hand from pattern to finish, these craftsmen are as much a devil for detail as we are.

Because the choice of fabric is the cornerstone of a well-made suit, we work exclusively with traditional mills like Dormeuil, Scabal and Loro Piana. From sourcing the rarest fibers to spinning durable yarns, these institutions are the true pioneers in their faculty. Together, we are able to offer you a diverse palette of the world’s finest and most considered fabrics.

Changing perceptions through new ideas

Our journey is driven by a belief that people should break free from the dogma that suits are solely a professional necessity. Instead, see a suit as your way to define your identity, grow your charisma and of course, to always look damn good!